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Laura Branfuhr began taking dance lessons when she was two years old. She danced in class, in her room, in the grocery store and just about anywhere big enough to attempt a pirouette. As much as she loved dancing, there were a couple of hindrances along the way.  Inappropriate lyrics, dance moves and costumes were concerns her family faced each year at recital time. As they continued through the dance world, they found a growing determination that there must be a better way than what they were experiencing.

Silver Lining Dance Academy was not something that was planned. It was one of those things that God drops in your lap unexpectedly. Sometimes the gifts that you least expect, end up being some of the greatest blessings of all.

In 2002, as a 12-year-old ballet student, Laura's life was consumed with dance. When the opportunity presented itself for her to share her love of dancing with an energetic 6-year-old, she jumped at the chance. In the fall of 2002 she started tutoring a little girl named Katie in ballet for 30 minutes a week. Since she was not affiliated with a dance studio, she was able to choose age appropriate music, conservative dance moves and modest costumes. A new freedom was born and with that a joy of teaching and Silver Lining Dance Academy.  In spring of 2003 with 7 students Laura's mini-studio had their first Spring Showcase. By 2004 in was apparent that Laura's living room just wasn't big enough for God's plans. She began teaching structured classes through a series of homeschool co-ops and continued to expand her student base.


At the Spring Performance in 2005, with 30 students to its name, we announced out name change from Laura's School of Dance to Silver Lining Dance Academy. We chose this name because it was so clear that this had been God's vision all along, to bring this silver lining into the dance world of Myrtle Beach.


In 2007, after Laura had graduated high-school she faced a difficult dilemma. Should she leave her dance academy to pursue her education in dance at a four year college, or should she stay and work the field that God had placed her in. If she stayed how was she to continue improving and better herself as a instructor beyond her natural abilities? After much prayer and debate the answer began to surface. She would stay September through May and continue her education over each summer in places like New York, Atlanta, California, Louisiana, Texas and more. This was the answer it seemed to all of her concerns.  She has continued to seek training and certifications each summer for the past 12 years. With that decision in place it was time to stop teaching in Conway and Surfside at different churches and co-ops and put down SLDA's roots for good. We opened our Forestbrook location that Autumn and have been there ever since. 


Though we have grown very much in size (from 7 to over 350), our mission has remained the same. We believe that in an up-beat and contemporary way, we can have fun, please the Lord and spread the message of the gospel through dance (Psalm 150:4).  Make sure to check out our faculty page to learn more about each and every blessing the Lord has added to our staff.  From our family to yours, thank you so much for the last 20 years of dance!